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Cocoa Powder

It is used in the bakery for breads, cakes, cookies, dairy, cereals, ice creams, desserts and confectionery industries to enhance flavor and quality.


The powder grinding process pulverizes the cocoa beans into a powder. After pulverization, the powder is cooled so the fat of the cocoa powder crystallizes into its stable form. Next, the free-flowing powder is passed through sieves and over magnets prior to packaging in paper bags or in bulk containers.

Cocoa Alkaline

The cocoa alkaline or “Dutch” has the similar manufacturing process as the cocoa powder. Alkaline or Dutch cocoa has an extra process to make a slightly different taste, making it less bitter and a smoother consistency. This process can be changed to customer specifications.
It is packed in Kraft bulks of 50 lb., or 10 lb. (or as client specified.

Cocoa Butter

The cocoa butter is used in the manufacturing of chocolate within the baking industry. The cocoa butter process is filtered and stored with extra care.


Due to its smooth texture, it is used in many other food products to improve the taste. It is also used for body care products, soaps, and beauty cosmetics.


It is packed in cases of 50 lb. (or as client required).

Storage time is 4 years

Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa nibs are milled to create cocoa liquor that is non-alcoholic due to being a liquid. The cocoa liquor is pressed to extract the cocoa butter, thus leaving a solid mass called “cocoa press-cake” It is used to produce chocolate through the addition of cocoa butter. Other ingredients such as sugar, milk, emulsifying agents and cocoa butter equivalents are also added and mixed.


Cocoa Liquor is used by chocolate manufacturers for further processing into chocolate by a refining process that improves the texture of chocolate.

It is packed in cases of 50 lb. (or as client required).

Mexican Chocolate

This product is used to make typical Mexican beverages by adding hot milk, or hot water. It can also be used to give that “extra” flavor to many foods such as Mexican Mole, or as a spice as in chili, or made into candy.

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