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About us Alerlit Group Inc.

Alerlit Group Inc. is a sister company of Grupo Alerlit SA de CV, with 25 years of experience in producing derivates of cocoa and by-products. The company is created and based in San Antonio, Texas.


We have been diversifying with different products, conscious of the demands of the market place and quality cocoa powder consumers. Alerlit Group is synonymous with experience and quality products. The high-quality ingredients and care taken to produce these ingredients is evident the moment you use our products in your baking and in the higher, quality taste of the baked goods.


We are grateful for the opportunity you give us to present our quality products.


In the beginning, Alerlit Group began producing and marketing cocoa powder. It installed a cocoa processing plant with advanced technology and machinery to supply the Mexican market requirements and baking demands. Our clients are major producers of popular confectionery and bakery products, making us the leading distributors in Mexico. As we have grown and gained new customers and projects, we have achieved “Kosher” certification. We are also United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered to export our products to the United States.


Due to its great potential we have established ourselves in the market as a leader in the production cocoa derivatives.

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Jose Luis Alarcon, father of Alerlit Group, started 30 years ago with various businesses of traditional Mexican products. Senor Alarcon created multiple distribution points throughout Mexico City and Central Mexico.


As time passed and business grew, he loved to discover new products and businesses.  In one of his many trips while in Veracruz, he discovered cocoa that was grown in the region.  As an entrepreneur, he was always looking for new ideas and new businesses. He visited the cocoa plantations and fell in love with the cocoa beans. He learned about the process, flavors, aromas and traditions that are involved in aromatics, senses, and tastes to make chocolate.


He started with just one mill producing cocoa powder, and delivered to his customers with just one truck. Now, his children have grown up and follow the same vision. Alerlit Group is growing with integrity, ethics and values as a family-owned business to help the growing community and its employees. The family is helping expand the growth and productivity of cocoa in Mexico.



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